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The easiest way to peel ginger

Watch my simple trick for cleaning ginger. Plus, six recipes that call for this spice.

The simplest way I’ve found to clean ginger is by using a spoon (instead of a peeler). Start by gently scraping  the spoon towards you until the skin starts to peel off. The most tender part of ginger is the flesh that’s right underneath the skin, so the peel should come off easily. The curve of a spoon also makes it easy to get into its nooks and crannies. This method will leave you with the best part of ginger because the peel can be hard and bitter. Once peeled, ginger can be sliced, minced or grated.

Storing tip: To store peeled ginger, wrap it in an airtight bag or plastic wrap and place it in the freezer. Freezing ginger makes it much easier to grate later.

Video: Peeling ginger: Watch me demonstrate this technique.

Ginger recipes:
Try using ginger in these delicious dishes:

Ginger teriyaki shrimp with soba

Jamaican shrimp with rice and beans

Sesame-ginger vinaigrette

Broccoli slaw with peanut dressing

Saucy eggplant and pork stir-fry

Ginger berry cookies and cream