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The Butter Sprayer: the kitchen gadget you didn't know you needed

Why wait for your butter to melt when you can SPRAY it?

Ever struggle with the little bits of butter that refuse to melt on your perfectly warm bagel? Or turned a beautiful bowl of fresh popcorn into soggy inedible mush by over-buttering it? Well, a group of “world-class engineers”— from San Francisco, guys — have designed just the product you never realized you needed. The Biem Butter Sprayer liquefies the golden stuff in seconds without melting the whole stick at once. It’s not like an aerosol can of margarine — you put your own stick of butter in there and if you aren’t into butter (who are you people?), you can try an alternative like coconut oil.

The product is available for pre-order via Kickstarter, making it a bit of a risk but the company has spent two years perfecting it’s design and has already raised more than double its $42,000 goal in the last two days.

Here’s the genius innovator’s pitch:


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