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Squash central

finished squash.jpg hot pan.jpg squahses.jpg market.jpg
I Picked up these colourful Patty Pan squashes (see below) at Toronto’s Dufferin Grove market –a fabulous little farmer’s market in the middle of the city. They’re about the size of a small cantaloupe, the largest I’ve ever seen; The little yellow zucchini comes from my mom’s garden. I chopped all of them up, then tossed them with a little oil and some fresh thyme, salt and pepper. While I was doing this I stuck the baking sheet in the oven while it was preheating. Then I tumbled the squash onto the hot sheet, which will give them some nice browning. I added some cherry tomatoes on the vine too – they always look pretty on the plate. This kind of side dish is great because it’s done in 20 minutes and tastes great warm or at room temperature, in case your timing is a little off (I sometimes get stressed about getting everything on the table at the same time). Just a sprinkling of fresh thyme and chopped basil and I was set (for the side dish at least). Both squashes kept their sweet, super-fresh flavour. Thanks local farmers, and Mom, of course. And In-season squash, I’m going to miss you, you’re never quite the same come winter.