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Sometimes the apple does fall far from the tree

my sad garden.jpg mom's herbs.jpg
The idea of fresh and aromatic herbs growing right outside my door is so romantic. Every year I try but I am no green thumb. This is strange considering my Mom and stepfather could grow an orchid or bonsai in the dessert. (If that’s hard? I’m guessing it is.)  I thought I’d show you some pics of their lovely, abundant, almost mutant herb garden. It is such a treat to cook at their house (I’m sad I won’t be able to do that today because I am away and it’s my Mom’s birthday – Happy Bday Ma). Back to her herbs now… I can just go out and grab any herb my heart desires: chives, thyme, dill and almost any kind of basil. Plus some bunches that I only recently discovered: my favourite is my Mom’s pineapple mint. It’s sprinkled over barbecued fish. Some of her lush herbs in the picture below. The pineapple mint is on the left towards the back. It has green leaves with white towards the outer edges. When I’m there it reminds me of my own pathetic “balcony garden” (if you can even call it that). Here’s a pic.  I thought I’d throw some questions out there for you ­ Any tricks for growing herbs on a balcony?