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Six best food processor recipes and one thing you should never do

Find out the most interesting thing I learned about this tool - that I didn't learn in culinary school


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I’ve had a food processor at home for years, and except for pureed soups, hummus and meatballs, I rarely use it. Working in the Chatelaine Kitchen has exposed me to the great things food processors can do, ranging from dips to desserts.

The most interesting thing I’ve learned – that I didn’t learn in culinary school – is that you should never use extra-virgin olive oil in a food processor (or a blender). When extra-virgin olive oil mixes vigorously in a food processor or blender, it can take on a bitter taste. While scientific reasoning behind this has never been proven, food writers like Harold McGee have provided theories behind this occurrence. For this reason, when we develop our food processor-based recipes in our kitchen, we avoid using extra-virgin olive oil.

Regardless, the food processor is still a very useful kitchen tool that we like to use time and time again. Here are six of our favourite recipes using a food processor:

1. This golden hummus is a great accompaniment to bread and crostini. Try serving it in place of butter.

2. A classic basil pesto can liven up any fish, pasta or vegetable dish.

3. Serve up a white bean puree instead of mashed potatoes for a high-protein side dish.

4. This creamy autumn squash soup is delicious as an appetizer or a main meal.

5. Impress your guests with a classic lemon tart.

6. Make a granita as a low-fat alternative to ice cream for dessert.