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Say Happy Mother's Day with an edible card

This Mother's Day, try out this sweet and edible greeting card!

Serving your mom breakfast in bed with a side of flowers and a greeting card is a Mother’s Day tradition that’s been around for as long as I can remember.

This Sunday, tell mom you love her with this sweet and edible message.





What you’ll need: An assortment of WHITE bread (ie. slices, bagels, English muffins), cookie cutters and a toaster. The imprints will show up best on white bread – it will not work on wheat or grainy bread.


Start by “writing” your message. Carefully press your cookie cutters into bread without cutting all the way through, leaving an imprint. Use alphabet or shape cookie cutters. Then toast your bread.





Serve your “greeting toast” with eggs and your mom’s other favourite breakfast fixings!




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Happy Mother’s Day from the Chatelaine Kitchen!