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250 sandwich recipes!

Never run out of lunch ideas with our list of 250 sandwiches recipes from breakfast to tea sandwiches, chicken and beef, and vegetarian, too!


Michael Alberstat

Ensure you never run out of lunch ideas with this list of 250 sandwich ideas.

It has been said that the first sandwich was invented back in 1762 in Sandwich, England. The Earl of Sandwich asked his servant to bring him a slice of cold meat between two pieces of bread – and the rest is history. Since then, the sandwich has spawned numerous offspring, from burgers to open-face ‘wiches to grilled and bite-sized, and even sweet ice cream sandwiches. And, we can’t forget about wraps, pitas or fajitas, too.

Bread basics: Here are some bread recipes to help get you started – classic sandwich breadgluten-free multi-grain breadno-knead bread with bran, and focaccia


1. Best breakfast sandwich

2. Smarter peanut butter and banana sandwich

3. French-toast sandwiches with raspberry cream

4. Rustic eggs benny

5. Saucy Mexican eggs sandwiches

6. Poached eggs over sautéed greens and toast

7. Baked 3-cheese tomato strata

8. Breakfast fajita wrap

9. Natural peanut butter and concord grape jelly sandwiches

10. Easy eggs benedict

11. Fresh vegetable omelette with lentils sandwich


12. Vietnamese sandwiches

13. Bulgogi steak and cheese melt

14. Coconut-curry-tofu pita pockets

15. Thai beef & mango wraps

16. Middle Eastern roll-ups

17. Warm Greek sandwiches

18. Fabulous falafels in pita

19. Easy-roll sushi wraps

20. Swedish-style egg, dill and beet on dark rye

21. Open-faced spicy California roll

22. Thai fajitas

23. Fast-fix Caprese pizza toast

24. Bountiful burritos


25. Basic grilled cheese

26. French onion grilled cheese

27. Gourmet grilled cheese with date jam and radicchio

28. Cheese and tomato melt

29. Prosciutto and herbed ricotta sandwich

30. Ham and cheese focaccia with apricot mostarda

31. Croque monsieur bake

32. Jazzy ham ‘n’ cheese roll-ups

33. Ham and cheese frittata sandwich

34. Little Cubanos

Tea sandwiches

35. Creamy-artichoke and smoked salmon tea sandwiches

36. Mini smoked salmon cones

37. Prosciutto tea sandwiches

38. Smoky brie and wild blueberry tea sandwiches

39. Parma ham, fig and goat cheese tea sandwiches

40. Charcuterie-board tea sandwiches


41. Cucumber sandwiches with wasabi cream

42. Brie and spicy strawberry jelly tea sandwiches

43. Smoked salmon and caper triangles

44. Shallot-butter tea sandwiches

45. Spanish egg-salad party sandwiches

46. Mediterranean tuna party sandwiches


47. Grilled-vegetable sandwich

48. Rosemary-ricotta-pesto croissant with apple

49. Portobello sandwiches

50. Sesame tofu cake in pita

51. Ultimate pepper sandwich

52. Perogies with garlic spinach sandwiches

53. Grilled tomato and veggie sandwich

54. Golden zucchini-feta cakes with lemon-pepper aioli in pita

55. Crispy tofu with peanut sauce sandwich

56. Cheese & veggie medley sandwich

57. Spicy tofu burritos

58. Grilled tofu teppanyaki sandwich

59. Spicy black bean burritos

60. Pesto, tomato and burrata sandwich

61. Barbecued eggplant parmesan sandwich

62. Grilled vegetable fajitas

63. Roasted beets with dill-yogurt sandwiches

64. Charred cherry tomato bruschetta

65. Tex-Mex wraps

66. Avocado and tomato scramble wrap


67. Not your mother’s tuna salad

68. French tuna tartine

69. Fast Thai tuna wraps

70. Fabulous French tuna sandwich

71. Black-bean wraps

72. Avocado tuna wrap

73. Spring tuna melt

74. Seafood stuffed portobellos

75. New Niçoise salad sandwiches

76. Easy shrimp sandwich

77. Smoked salmon-and-dill wraps

78. Salmon, pineapple and zucchini skewers with pineapple-ginger sauce in pita

79. Dijon-dill shrimp salad sandwiches

80. Baked fish fingers sandwiches

81. Thai red-curry tilapia sandwiches

82. Halibut and zucchini wraps

83. Cajun fish wraps

84. Fast-track wraps

85. Spicy shrimp rolls

Party bites

86. Fruity, creamy crostini

87. Nippy cheddar and salsa bruschetta

88. Smoked salmon-and-avocado toast

89. Cranapple & Stilton bites

90. Gorgonzola-walnut toasts

91. Gorgonzola and clementine toasts

92. Butternut bruschetta bites

93. Black magic toast with orange pepper salsa

94. Mushroom bruschetta with herbed aioli

95. Artichoke & mushroom bruschetta

96. Apple-stilton toasts

97. Roasted-tomato crostini

98. Sweet pea and parmesan crostini

99. Prosciutto, brie & fig crostini

100. Fig, pear and Boursin crostini

101. Baguette crisps with aioli

102. Lemony mushroom and herb crostini

103. Artichoke and mushroom bruschetta

104. Asparagus bruschetta

105. Cuban-spiced sausage snack bites


106. Brownie ice-cream sandwiches

107. Santa’s gingerbread sandwiches

108. Chocolate-peppermint sandwiches

109. Grown-up PB with boozy bananas

110. Triple-chocolate ice-cream

111. Ev’s hazelnut chocolate sandwiches

112. Chewy chocolate-chunk ginger cookies and vanilla ice cream sandwiches

113. Coffee cookie with dulce de leche

114. Raspberry sugar-cookie hearts

115. Gluten-free crispy and chewy chocolate-chip cookies and vanilla ice cream sandwiches

116. Cashew meringue sandwiches

117. Pistachio-ginger sugar cookies sandwiches


118. Steak baguette with curried mayo

119. Grilled-steak with salsa fresca sandwiches

120. BBQ steak with chili-garlic aioli sandwiches

121. Triple-decker beef & brie

122. Sizzling spicy steak sandwiches

123. Crusty country sandwich

124. Juicy steak sandwich

125. Seriously sloppy joes

126. Holiday meatball sandwiches

127. Herbed roulade with prosciutto and cheese sandwiches

128. Mile-high antipasto sandwich

129. Roast beef herb wraps

130. Hoisin beef wraps with sesame dressing

131. Sloppy joes

132. Slow-cooked corned beef sandwiches

133. Spicy gazpacho steak sandwiches

134. Braised hoisin beef sandwiches

135. Cornmeal-crusted tomato and pesto steak sandwiches

136. Flank steak with tomatoes and basil sandwiches

137. Sesame beef wraps

138. Barbecued teriyaki steak with gingery tomatoes sandwiches

139. Speedy Mexican joes

140. Beef Tenderloin with Chipotle Salsa sandwiches

141. Grilled Italian steak sandwich


142. Tarragon-chicken with red grapes sandwich

143. Curried chicken and mango sandwiches

144. Mexican chicken wrap

145. Sticky honey-ginger chicken with minted zucchini sandwich

146. Asian chicken salad sandwiches

147. Chicken, shiitake and asparagus skewers with sweet chili sauce in pita

148. Panini-style grilled chicken

149. Finger-licken’ Cajun chicken sandwich

150. BBQ-chicken wrap

151. Chicken involtini with smoked cheese sandwich

152. Tahini-chicken wrap

153. Bistro chicken sandwich

154. Spiced chicken fajitas

155. Grilled vegetable & chicken-stuffed baguette

156. Easy Chicken Tostada wrap

157. Tropical fruit and spice chicken sandwich

158. Honey-garlic chicken sandwich

159. Chicken, mango and brie wrap

160. Smoked chicken rolls

161. Hoisin chicken sandwich

162. Chicken, mushroom and goat cheese wraps

163. Cheater chicken paprikash sandwich

164. Grilled buffalo chicken salad sandwich

165. Faux fried chicken sandwiches

166. Sizzlin’ fajitas

167. Slow cooker fajita chicken wraps


168. BBQ pork & avocado rolls

169. Crispy schnitzel and German cucumber sandwich

170. Pulled pork with ginger-bourbon sauce

171. Grilled sausage in pitas with lemon-yogourt sauce

172. Mini ham bites

173. Grilled chipotle pork with avocado sandwich

174. Gluten-free bacon, avocado, cheddar and mayo sandwich

175. Roast pork loin with bacon-cider gravy hot sandwich

176. Juicy pork souvlaki sandwich

177. Shrimp and pork patties sandwich

178. Ham and asparagus rolls

179. Roast pork tenderloin with brandied apples sandwiches

180. Sugar-Crusted pork loin sandwiches

181. Roast pork ‘n’ avocado roll-ups

182. Ginger mojito pork sandwiches

183. Crispy pork chops with apple sandwiches

184. Gourmet BLT

185. Modern BLT with white-bean-wasabi hummus

186. Wrapped BLT

187. Club roll

188. Apple, fennel and prosciutto sandwich

189. Spiced glazed ham sandwich

190. Christmas peameal bacon sandwich

Turkey, duck and lamb

191. Parmesan-turkey meatball sandwiches

192. Thanksgiving sandwich with cranberry chutney

193. Thai turkey meatball with sweet chili sauce sandwiches

194. Lamb antipasto skewers with herbed feta dressing in pita

195. Roasted turkey breasts with cran-orange compote sandwiches

196. Turkey and cranberry pinwheels

197. Hot Italian sausage with radish pickles sandwiches

198. Seared duck with cherry sauce sandwiches

199. Roast oregano lamb sandwiches

200. Lamb koftas with tzatziki sandwiches

201. Braised bistro lamb hot sandwiches


202. Juicy turkey burgers

203. Gourmet cheeseburger

204. Stealthy healthy burger

205. New classic burger

206. Fresh Italian burger

207. Five-alarm burgers

208. Burgers with pickled green tomatoes

209. Lamb burgers with feta and mint

210. Zesty kofta sliders

211. Triple-threat superfood burger with sweet potato, walnuts and kale

212. Chickpea-falafel burger with cucumber

213. Salmon and avocado omega burger

214. Quinoa-veggie burger

215. Tandoori chicken burger with raita

216. Perfect burger

217. Black-bean burger

218. Beet burgers

219. White-bean and walnut burgers

220. Curried burgers with peach salsa

221. Moroccan burgers with spiced mayo

222. Thai chicken burger

223. Mediterranean burgers

224. Pizza burgers

225. Tourtière burgers

226. Sirloin bourguignon burgers

227. Fiery Asian burgers

228. Grilled ratatouille burgers

229. Double-chili burgers

230. Light curried chicken burgers

231. Chicken bruschetta burgers 

232. Herbed burgers with blue cheese mayo

233. Chipotle chicken burgers

234. Garden gazpacho burgers

235. Fast fajita burgers

236. Greek burgers

237. Italian burgers

238. Teriyaki turkey burgers

239. Terrific Thai burgers

240. Zesty lime salmon burgers

241. Lemon chicken burgers

242. Sharp cheddar-chili burgers

243. Smoky chipotle burgers

244. Express grilled lamb burgers

245. Jazzed-up Mexican cheeseburgers with avocado salsa

246. Spiced-up baked chicken burgers

247. Mediterranean fresh herb burgers

248. Presto pizza burgers

249. Fabulous four-pepper cheeseburgers

250. Parmesan veal burgers


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