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Recipes of the day: camping cookout

Tomato pasta with chicken Basting chipotle chicken Heirloom tomatoes for pasta
Here are the results of cooking with Heirloom tomatoes. A friend and I were assigned one dinner on our camping trip. I thought it would be fun to do a couple of recipes from the new issue of Gourmet. This month’s issue has a theme – a list of recipes from A to Z. I chose the letter H for Heirloom tomato pasta and a recipe from one of their dinner stories Chipotle chicken. But I have to admit, I changed the recipes a bit. Why? I was camping and I have a problem following a recipe verbatim. In my free time I really enjoy cooking without measurements. First, I put the big pot of water right on the grill over the fire pit. While the pasta boiled, I coarsely chopped up these tomatoes. When the pasta was boiled, I drained it then put it back in the pot. Then tossed with 2 cups (500 mL) of ricotta. (I couldn’t find the creme fraiche that was called for in the original recipe). I also added zest from  an orange and a whack of chopped herbs from my (backyard/fire escape) garden – basil, parsley, chives and tarragon. For a pasta, it was super simple to prepare yet still hearty enough for a cool evening of camping. After the pasta was done, I covered it with the pot lid to keep it warm while we barbecued the chicken. Here is the link to Gourmet’s Caramelized chipotle chicken: Their recipe called for roasting but since I was camping we made up the sauce in advance then grilled it the day of. Besides, grilling istead of roasting the only switch I made was to puree the chipotle sauce slightly. It was quite chunky so I felt it needed to be a bit smoother to accommodate my switch to campfire cook-out. Here’s a pic of me basting the chicken, on the grill, over the fire: Here’s  the pasta and chicken dinner: My tip: when camping bring a tupperware container to eat out of. It’s much more eco friendly than paper plates and I find it easier for lawn-chair eating. What are your camping and cooking tips?