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Recipe of the day: The Big Sandwich

Big sandwich
My favourite/easiest recipe for a pot luck is a BIG SANDWICH. I take whatever sandwich ingredients I feel like and turn it into a large ring shaped sandwich for guests to cut their own piece from. It amazes me what a hit this always is. Here is a picture of the sandwich while it’s being assembled. Here’s how to make it: The key is to find a large calabrese bread ring. Cut it in half. You can use any sandwich fillings you like. This time I chose, spreading it a mixture of feta and pesto that’s whirled together in a food processor. You’ll find the Pesto recipe in a video or in our June issue for the Feta Spread on the second page of the pdf beside the video.) It’s topped with chunks of roasted chicken (the grocery-store rostisserie kind), spicy salami and slices of tomato, avocado and roasted red peppers. I topped these with arugula leaves and sandwiches the pieces together. I use the bag the bread came in to transport it. Since it’s the perfect size it usually travels well, without falling apart. What are your favourite pot luck recipes? And most importantly, what are your favourite sandwich ingredients?