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Recipe of the day: Scrambled eggs with curried tomato

Saving Grace breakfast
It’s Friday morning and I’m already thinking about what I’m going to have for brunch this weekend. Here’s what I’m thinking… Scrambled eggs topped with curried tomatoes and corn. Since, I like to pull recipe ideas and cooking inspiration from everywhere — from reading a book or a menu to picking up a new ingredient at the store — I’m going to base this recipe on a breakfast I enjoyed at a cute cafe/resto called Saving Grace. It’s on Dundas St. W in Toronto. It’s such a simple idea, I love it! Here’s my plan: Saute chopped tomatoes with frozen corn and Indian curry paste. I haven’t done this yet so I’ll be tasting and adding more curry as needed. When the tomatoes are soft and the corn is warm, I’ll start the scrambled eggs. My usual combination for that is eggs whisked with a bit of milk, Dijon and salt. I always cook my eggs over medium-low so they don’t cook too quickly, releasing water. Yuck, I don’t like it when that happens. Then I will serve these delicious fluffy eggs, with the tomato and corn curry and raita, mango chutney and naan. Yum, I can’t wait. This will be different than the version I tried at Saving Grace but I hope for it to be just as delicious. Here’s a picture of the inspiration for tomorrow’s brekkie: