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Purple potatoes

Purple potatoes.JPG
Here¹s a pic of these beauties in their raw form. If you¹ve never tried them before it¹s worth a go. Unlike some other unusually coloured vegetables (like orange cauliflower, for instance) these brightly-hued potatoes taste different from  the usual potatoes ­ with a nuttier flavour and a fluffier texture.      In a large pot, immerse potatoes in water. Cover and bring to a boil. I only let them boil until they are almost, but not quite fork tender. Then I take them off the burner. They¹ll finish cooking in the hot water without becoming overcooked and this helps to keep their pretty colour. Although the colour does dull with cooking they are still purple. I suggest serving them with an herbed butter or making a mash. If you¹re looking for a side that is a good conversation piece, these will do the trick.