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Presenting the best weight-loss trend ever: double breakfast

New research suggests two breakfasts are better than none. (Yes, you read that right.)

Looking to offload a few pounds? In the past, the science has skewed towards deprivation diets: dairy moratoriums, intermittent fasting and not snacking during late-night TV (HOW?). Amazingly, new research has swung back in favour of eating more — as in, two-times-your-daily-breakfast more.

By now, we all know better than to skip the first meal of the day, but a joint study between Yale School of Public Health and the University of Connecticut on 600 middle-school students found that participants “who ate breakfast inconsistently were more than twice as likely to be overweight or obese compared with students who ate double breakfasts.” (This follows with current nutritional wisdom, which suggests frequent mini-meals are the key to keeping your metabolism moving.) And if you’re like, “But they’re just children!” researchers have suggested the pay-off could be extended to adults.

Before you go for broke at the grocery store and build a week’s worth of double-egg-and-cheeses, we might caution you to choose healthier pairings. Below, a sampler menu for new adherents of the double-breakfast movement.





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