Chatelaine Kitchen

Pierogies: A lightbulb moment

We had to take a break from cookie madness — turns out you can really only eat so many cookies in one day. So it’s a savoury day in the Kitchen: Lyn’s making a gorgeous fish stew, Irene is on turkey leftovers for the holidays, and I’m taking a stab at a healthy Mexican dinner.  We’ve been working out a delicious new recipe using frozen pierogies (since we love them as a weeknight dinner). Over the weeks of testing we’ve been struggling with their kind-of stodgy texture, and wishing there was an easy way to get them all crispy and golden and nice. But we didn’t want to boil, then drain, then pan-fry them (too many dishes to wash in that scenario!). Today, Irene had a brainwave: cook them like Asian dumplings. Start by coating a large frypan with oil, then add the frozen pierogies, then add water. Cover and cook — the water steams them, then the oil sautés them. Brilliant! Look for that recipe in our December issue…or send us your favourite ways to cook pierogies right now!