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Our favourite shortcut for making super-creamy soup

One tool makes all the difference.

Thai sweet potato red curry soup

Thai sweet potato red curry soup. (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)

It comes down to one versatile tool: the immersion blender. It’s perfect for achieving really creamy soup. And it drops right into the soup pot (no need to transfer hot soup to the blender), is easy to clean and takes up very little cupboard space. (A big win when you’re trying to get dinner ready fast, without swamping the kitchen with extra dishes.)

The secret to creamy soup: Immersion blender



Here are a few tips to really keep the mess minimized:

1. Remove the pot of soup from heat.

2. Place pot in empty sink, so you can see what you’re doing and contain any splatter.

3. Drop head of immersion blender right into the soup before you turn it on (again to contain splatter and avoid burns), then slowly move blender around the pot in circular motions until mixture is smooth.

4. To clean, detach the head around and swish it in a sudsy sink.

5. Serve!



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