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November's wine list: Five perfect food and wine pairings

Whether you're staying in to enjoy some cozy comfort food, or entertaining with a dinner-party hit, these are the perfect pairings to complement this month's recipes!



Whether you’re looking for a low-carb dinner,  a cozy noodle soup or a dinner-party hit, liven up your meals this month with these perfect wine pairings, hand-picked by sommelier Jamie Drummond. From an exotic Ontario white, to a bold Greek red and a refreshing sauvignon blanc, these are the wines we’re sipping with this month’s recipes!

Featherstone Four Feathers White, Ontario, $15.

Wine_Featherstone Four feathers white

A Niagara blend that captures the various nuances of riesling, sauvignon blanc and gewürztraminer, this white has a bouquet of lime, Seville orange and ripe nectarine flavours that works brilliantly with a Spanish-style chicken.

Pair it with: Spanish chicken with golden rice



La Ferme du Mont la Truffiére, France, $16.

Wine_La Ferme du Mont la Truffiere

Known more for reds, the appellation of Côtes du Rhône produces this crisp blend of grenache blanc, viognier and clairette with fantastic stone fruit and orange-blossom aromas. Its weighty finish is ideal with full-flavoured salmon.

Pair it with: Pan-fried salmon with brussels sprouts



Angels Gate Süssreserve Riesling, Ontario, $14.

Wine_Angels Gate Sussreserve Riesling

The addition of some unfermented grape juice makes this wine a touch sweeter and a bit lower in alcohol, creating a wonderful match for the spices and Asian flavourings of laksa. It boasts classic Niagara riesling aromatics of lime, grapefruit and honey.

Pair it with: Tofu egg-noodle laksa soup


Pezoules Cabernet Sauvignon, Greece, $12.

Wine_Pezoules Cabernet Sauvignon, Greece

This well-priced take on cabernet sauvignon delivers with ripe, plummy blackcurrant fruit and some expressive spice notes. Assertive tannins also make it a perfect foil for garlicky steak.

Pair it with: Garlicky pan-fried steaks



Casa Lapostolle Sauvignon Blanc, Chile, $15.

wine_Casa Lapostolle Sauvignon Blanc

This effortlessly delicious, highly affordable crisp white is made by one of the great producers in Chile. Flavours of succulent pineapple, figs, papayas and plantain make it an unusual and playful pairing for rich vegetarian dishes.

Pair it with: Savoury puff pancake and cherry tomato salad