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More cool food finds: New York eats

crazy hot dog IMG_7568 Bartender bear Snack dragon
Monday night’s great dinner in New York city. Snack dragon I had a taco with chorizo sausage, cilantro, sour cream, cheese etc. on a fresh blue corn tortilla. This place is a cute and kitschy take-out hole-in-the-wall. The next place I went for more eats and a unique cocktail is a SECRET. This place is a  throw back to the speak easy era. So it required a password and a strange telephone booth. But because I loved it so much I won’t divulge the full details. The decor there was great! Here’s what our “bartender” bear served up: Concord grape and sake cocktail. Note: the interesting flavoured sprays in the top left background. These were sprayed into the glasses for an extra flavour boost. A bacon-wrapped deep-fried hot dog with truffle aioli. Sounds over the top, and it was, but it was also delicious.