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Love garlic, but hate the smell?

Here are three tips that will allow you to savour the cloves, without the odour

Stainless steel bar of soap Salting garlic Garlic and its roots

Then I have three tips for you.

1. Eliminate garlic breath Always remove the root – the piece in the centre of the head (see the shot below) that’s responsible for garlic breath and indigestion. Removing it also makes chopping easier.

2. Chop with ease Sprinkle cloves with pinches of salt ‘ it will help the garlic cling to the board which makes chopping faster and easier. 

3. Stainless steel Rub your fingers on stainless steel. I’m no scientist but… the molecules in stainless steel attract the garlic which helps reduce odour. I have found this to do a good job of reducing the garlic smell. Rub your fingers all over a stainless steel spoon or your kitchen tap and make sure you haven’t got any garlic stuck under your finger nails.