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Interesting article

I was sad to see the very last issue of Gourmet magazine arrive a couple of weeks ago. Since I work at a magazine that specializes in food (although in a very different way from Gourmet) I found myself wondering what the editors are getting up to now. Here’s an interesting article about Ruth Reichl, what’s she’s doing now that Gourmet magazine has closed. I like Ruth’s closing quote to this article (see below). These are dinnertime words to live by. “When people tell me they don’t have time to cook, I tell them no, no, no; what you’re telling me is that you don’t have time to shop. If you took 30 minutes on the weekend to plan what you were going to cook all week, you could make sure you had everything on hand. If you knew what you were going to cook, you could cook dinner every night in less than 30 minutes.” This quote makes me wonder – What if there had been more of Ruth’s relaxed cooking approach in Gourmet magazine (over their lavish layouts and really great articles)? Would they have reached more readers cooking needs and managed to stick through these tight times? What do you think?