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How to make the perfect biscotti

This firm, crunchy Italian is a dunkable, long-lasting Italian favourite. Try one of 12 amazing flavours this holiday.

Biscotti cookies

Our 12 favourite biscotti recipes!

Seeing glass jars full of biscotti at coffee houses reminds me of a time, not so long ago, when baking them intimidated me. That was before we perfected our biscotti recipe. Now, the guesswork is gone and these crunchy Italian cookies can be made easily at home.

The trick to perfect cookies? The finger-shaped wafers are twice-baked, producing a pleasantly dry texture that give the biscotti a longer shelf life. It’s no wonder they’re such a treat dunked into coffee or a seasonal hot chocolate.

Our master biscotti recipe makes it easy for you to tailor the cookies to your taste, too. It’s all about choosing pantry ingredients to suit your mood. Here are our 12 favourite flavour combinations:

Chocolate chips + crushed peanuts + melted chocolate

Figs + almonds + amaretto

Cranberries + pistachios

Lemon zest + meringue

Pretzels + Oreos + coconut + chocolate chips

Melted chocolate + crushed candy canes

Chai spice + icing sugar

White chocolate + semi-sweet chocolate + instant espresso powder

Cinnamon + butter

Aged cheddar + walnuts

Cherry + lemon + thyme

Malted milk powder + Maltesers

You can add chopped nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips, spices, herbs or even candy. Just mix, shape into two logs (or rectangles) and bake. Cool the logs slightly, slice and then bake again. Once cooled, just pop them into an airtight container and they’ll keep for a week or two — if they last that long!

PS. Once they’re made, these cookies will disappear quickly: