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How to make homemade mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is so easy to make at home. I'll show you how to whip up your own batch with a few staple ingredients from your fridge, a sturdy bowl and a whisk.


Jodi Pudge

  • One thing I never purchase at the grocery store  is packaged mayonnaise. I use mayo so rarely at home that if I were to purchase a jar, it would sit in my fridge way past the expiry date. Instead, whenever I recipe calls for mayonnaise, I make my own.

  • Mayonnaise is so simple to make at home (it takes less than 10 minutes) and only requires a few staple ingredients from your fridge. And, because the ingredient list is so minimal, you can also afford to play around with different flavours (which are great for dipping with fries).The only utensil you’ll need is a whisk and a sturdy bowl, and a little muscle.

  • Video: How to make your own homemade mayonnaise.
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