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How to make delicious, gooey monkey bread

Packed with butter and brown sugar, this pull-apart treat will be a hit with family and friends

There are few things more delicious than warm bread fresh out of the oven. Make that bread sweet and draped in a sticky coat of cinnamon sugar and you’re in died-and-gone-to-heaven territory. If this has made your mouth water, we’ve got just the thing to cure your craving – monkey bread. This pull-apart treat is packed with all that good sweet stuff such as butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. We’re not sure why they call it monkey bread, but we like it. In fact, we like it a lot. We like it so much, we created a fun how-to-make-it video.

This recipe is a good one to keep in mind with March break approaching as it’s a great baking project to do with your kids. And if you’re throwing a brunch or dinner party, plan on baking this just before serving: this treat is best served warm, straight out of the oven. (And bonus – your house will smell amazing). 

P.S. No monkeys were harmed in the creation of this video.

Get the recipe: Monkey bread