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Our not-so-guilty pleasure: kale Caesar salad

We tackled giving the mighty Caesar a healthy, protein-rich makeover in this month's issue. Find out how we did it!

Kale caesar salad with tofu croutonsPhoto, Roberto Caruso

Kale caesar salad with tofu croutons.
Photo, Roberto Caruso.

When we brainstormed ideas for our “not-so guilty pleasures,” the meeting sounded like a sports team ordering a celebration dinner. “Poutine!” “Fried chicken!” “Curry!” “Nachos!”  “Caesar salad!” Some ideas never even made it to test phase (we couldn’t image poutine without fries, cheese and gravy), but we knew we could give some of our favourites a healthy makeover without sacrificing flavour.

This kale Caesar is a perfect example: We switched nutritional powerhouse (and green du jour) kale in for romaine lettuce, and we tried massaging the kale to tenderize it without cooking. Success!

Then we tackled the dressing. By using silken tofu as the base, we were able to make a creamy dressing without adding oil or egg. Jacked up with the intensely delicious ingredients of classic Caesar dressing (lemon, anchovy, caper, garlic), this dressing is genius. (And it’s packed with protein.)

Tofu croutons were the next light bulb moment. They are delicious and easy, and they crank up the protein in the dish to 27g per portion! Amazing!

Try the recipe and let us know if you think we nailed the Caesar’s healthy makeover.

New to tofu? Watch this video for a quick Tofu 101