Chatelaine Kitchen

Happy New Year

This is my first post in 2009. I’d like to start the year off with a toast to a great year. Here is a picture of the blood orange cocktail I concocted for New Year’s. Blood orange cocktail Fill a martini shaker with ice. Add 3 shots (4.5 oz/135 mL) of vodka, 1 shot (1.5 oz/45 mL) of triple sec. Squeeze in the juice of a blood orange. Top with grapefruit juice. Shakeshakeshake and pour. Cheers and Happy New Year PS I’ve had some problems with my camera and lost my memory card. I improvised over the holidays, by enlisting friends and family to get lots of pictures. I’m gathering them and will be sharing some of the great eats I had over the last couple of weeks soon. Stay tuned.