Chatelaine Kitchen

Grocery shopping in Europe

After a week of traveling in Istanbul, I was itching to get into the kitchen by the time I reached Belgium. Loved that I could buy everything I needed – even wine – at one store. The picture below shows all the ingredients for one simple and satisfying meal. Top right to below left: Baguettes, tiger lilies (just cause), wine (life is so easy when you can get everything from one store), breaded goat cheese rounds, prosciutto and marinated kebabs. We were already all stocked up on vegetables for a salad. I used the crispy goat cheese rounds and some prosciutto as toppers for the salad. I’m a little jealous that in Belgium you can buy pre-prepared breadcrumb and sesame crusted goat cheese rounds for about $4 Canadian. It only took about a half an hour to prep the meal. I chopped some vegetables for the salad and made a quick Dijon vinaigrette. Then I warmed goat cheese rounds in a pan while barbecuing the kebabs. It was so easy, I didn’t feel silly for cooking on vacation.