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Food and wine pairing: Greek meze platter and rose

Summer's most popular wine and grilling ingredient get together in this pairing.

Grilled greek chicken meze platter

Photo, Erik Putz.

Sommelier Sara d’Amato and our kitchen present this month’s ideal match

Perfect pairing: Rose + Greek meze platter

Rosé is the ultimate summer wine. Crisp and refreshing, it’s versatile enough to match with most barbecued meats as well as fresh fish. Rosés can typically include notes of lavender, thyme and rose- mary, or herbes de Provence. It’s this slightly her- baceous character that lends a sort of “flavouring” to food and makes rosé a smart accompaniment for a platter of little bites like this meze dish. Eggplant, which sometimes clashes with red wine, happily on the coexists with rosé, while feta and lemon, classic Mediterranean ingredients, smooth out the wine and let its fruitiness pop.

The dry styles of the rosés featured here have the benefit of being thirst-quenching, which is perfect for a summer afternoon. Chill these wines to about 10 degrees Celsius for optimum enjoyment: Too cold and you’ll stunt the fruit; too warm and it will taste flabby and alcoholic.

Wine_tavel rose

Classic and powerful
Famille Perrin Tavel Rosé 2014, France, from $20.

Wine_The Wild Olive rose

Smooth and herbal
The Wild Olive Rosé 2014, South Africa, from $12.

Wine_Somontes rose

Light and playful
Somontes Rosado 2014, Portugal, from $13.













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