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Eating out: The craziest things I've ever eaten!

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I recently had the pleasure of traveling to San Diego. This trip inspired lots of ideas for blog posts (so stay tuned for more to come). The post I am most excited about is this one — it’s dedicated to the craziest foods I’ve ever eaten. I have to admit, I feel slightly embarrassed about eating these, but oh well, it’s worth it because I want to hear all about the strangest and most intense things you’ve tried too. I’ll start with the plate of food that inspired this idea. It’s top on my list of insane meals. This was brunch at Hash-a-go-go in San Diego.It’s called Andy’s sage fried chicken benedict: with fried chicken, fresh spinach, smoked bacon, tomato, fried mozzarella, chipotle cream and scrambled eggs. I feel confident in saying that four people could split this meal. When it landed in front of me, I knew there wasn’t even the slightest chance that I could finish it. It was the size of my head (see below) and beyond decadent but quite tasty. Next up is Duck in a can at Au Pied du Couchon in Montreal This is a duck breast that sandwiched a piece of foie gras. This was simmered with onion gravy in a can for exactly 27 minutes, then opened right at my table. It was intensely flavourful and definitely a meal for two! Next post is Brain salad and Bone marrow. In the meantime, tell me or even send me photos of your craziest eating experiences.