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Eating out: More of the craziest things I've eaten

Brains Bone marrow
In the spirit of being adventurous (similar to my last post) here are two dishes, I’ve tried that go beyond my usual eating experiences. Bone marrow on toasts Now, bone marrow may be a familiar treat for some but it certainly is not an everyday appetizer. I had the pleasure of enjoying this delicious, fatty tissue (found in the centre of this bone) spread on crisp toasts.

Brain salad Yes, brains. I tasted this salad in Izmir, Turkey. I believe, the brains were poached. I was told eating them would make me smarter. Ha, maybe that’s true because after this experience I decided to only try new (to me ) foods under the best circumstances. These brains were not bad but they certainly were not very fresh tasting. Next time, I’ll wait and try them when they’re at their best.

What’s your most interesting eating experience? I’d love to hear about it.