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Cool tool: Ricer (for fluffy mashed potatoes)

The Inspired Cook IMG_5821
Skip the potato masher! You can get the best, most fluffy mashed potatoes using a ricer (pictured below). This kitchen tool looks and works like a giant garlic press but has rice-sized holes lining the side and bottom (but it’s for potatoes). Place cooked potatoes in the ricer then push them through the holes, by squeezing the handles together. Ricers are usually about $25. I picked this one up at a delightful kitchen store called The Inspired Cook. They’ve got all kinds of great stuff. Here’s a pick of the outside of their cute shop. Try the ricer the next time you make a big batch of mashed potatoes. Then use the leftovers in my potato scone recipe which is my next post (previously mentioned in my Robbie Burns post) so don’t worry about leftovers — potato scones are the best way to use those up. You might even find yourself making extra just so you can whip up a batch of those Scottish breakfast delights the next day.