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Cool food find: Lots of heirloom tomatoes

Mystery tomatoes Peach tomato Vicky's veggies tomato tasting table Shot of tomato tasting
Last weekend I was in Picton. I attended an heirloom tomato tasting at Vicky’s veggies. There were tons of chopped up tomatoes to sample. The tasting table looked so impressive. Take a look. One of my favourites was the peach tomato. I think it got its name because of its super-sweet flavour and fuzzy skin. Here it is: There were tons of tomatoes for purchase including this huge mystery table: In season tomatoes are truly incredible. These actually taste like fruit! Funny to say, since tomato is a fruit. But sometimes I get how the out-of-season ones seem to teeter into vegetable tasting territory. I bought two huge baskets of these beauts. I’ll be doing lots of tomato cooking this weekend so stay tuned next week for some new recipes. What are you doing with tomatoes this season?