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Cool food find: Guess what this is?

Can you guess what food this is? Brussels sprouts on the stalk. I don’t see Brussels sprouts on the stalk very often but I often see them at this time of year – even though the Belgian sprouts are available from October to April. They look so pretty with their stalks on. I think they could even make a lovely table centre-piece. Brussels Sprouts: Do you love them or hate them? I despised Brussels sprouts when I was a kid. My Mom tells a hilarious Brussels sprouts story of when she and her siblings were kids. They found a knot in the hard wood floor below their dining table. For a couple of days they would sneak those strong-flavoured morsels down the hole. Then my Grandfather found them in a tumble in the basement a couple of days later. He was none to pleased. To this day, this story makes me smile.  Although, I despised them as a child and into adulthood (yes, even enough to shove them down a floor board if I could have). I have really grown to love this relative of cabbage. The key: Don’t over cook them. From the minute I tasted a tender but still firm and bright green Brussels sprout I had a serious change of heart. It’s simply because when you overcook Brussels sprouts they become bitter and pungent-flavoured. Here are two of my favourite Brussels Sprouts recipes that are sure to convert any skeptic: My Brussels sprout tip:

How do you clean Brussels sprouts? Remove stems. Add a generous squeeze of lemon juice or splash of white vinegar to water. Soak brussels sprouts in water for 15 minutes.
Let’s vote! Do you love or hate Brussels sprouts?