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Cooking tips: Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs with black garlic Scrambled eggs stage 3 Scrambled eggs stage 2 Scrambled eggs stage 1
I’m back from vacation and back on track which includes cooking at home. This is the breakfast I made last weekend. Although my breakfast was simple ‘ scrambled eggs and bacon ‘ I thought I’d share it and my tips for how to get the fluffiest eggs and how to dress up scrambled eggs. Scrambled egg tips: Butter the pan. This helps with the flavour of your scrambled eggs. And of course, this also helps prevent them from sticking. Make your usual egg mixture. I used 5 eggs, 2 tbsp (30 mL) milk (or water), salt and pepper. Serves 2. Add egg mixture to bubbling butter in pan. Cook on medium low heat. This is key. It’s easy to speed up the process by cooking on high but this can often cause the eggs to stick to the pan and that dreadful thing I call egg water. Yuck. What causes egg water? The egg is heated too quickly and the water content separates from the solids.  Whisk gently in a figure 8 pattern to get into the pan edges. Remember to use a regular pan that’s not non-stick. The exception to this is if you have a silicone whisk. Otherwise you’ll end up scraping your non-stick pan with the whisk.  Continue whisking occasionally until eggs are still very wet but begin to cook and form fluffy pieces. Then using a rubber spatula, gently fold the egg mixture until almost cooked. Add grated or chopped cheese. Fold until eggs are cooked to your liking. Here’s my end result. Still moist but not wet or overcooked. In this photo I’ve added cubes of creamy cheese ‘ in this case Taleggio ‘ and am stirring gently just to melt the cheese slightly. Voila! Breakfast: crispy bacon, fresh tomato slices, fruit, cheesy eggs. What’s on top of the eggs? Black garlic. I purchased some black garlic a couple of months ago when I wrote about black garlic in our Holiday issue. The flavour is quite sweet and mild which is perfect for scrambled eggs.