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Cooking tip: Picking and preparing pineapple

Pineapples are so inexpensive right now. I love it! I bought one at No Frills the other day for $1.99 What’s the best way to choose a ripe pineapple? Tug on the leaves. If a leaf or two comes out easily, it’s ready to eat. What’s the best way to cut a pineapple? Use a large knife to cut off the top and bottom. Then Turn upright. Cut off tough exterior, slicing from top to bottom. Don’t worry if there are small grooves remaining. Cut in half, slicing straight down through the core. Place core cut-side down. Using a small paring knife, cut out the grooves. This will create a pretty pattern on the pineapple. Cut out and discard core. Then cut pineapple into slices or chunks. What are your favourite ways to prepare/cook pineapple?