Chatelaine Kitchen

Come rain or shine, it’s patio time.

tentjpg butterchickenjpg
On Wednesday night, my friend and I went to a cute patio in Toronto’s little India. We asked our server ahead of time whether we could move indoors in case it rains (as it seems to do everyday this summer. As soon as it started raining our server helped us move to the enclosed patio right away. But even the tent couldn’t take that down pour. Here is a pic of our yummy food that we attempted to eat while the tent was being torn down by the rain. Below, shows the moment when the walls begin to fall in. We decide we have to go into the building. Next brilliant patio dinner saver, happened by chance, even though we moved our butter chicken, mixed vegetable plate and biryani rice stayed hot thanks to the sizzling, cast iron dishes they were served on. If you get brave and decide to take a chance on patio on a day when it might rain (this summer everyday is that day) I suggest order things that arrive on these heat-retaining plates. This may limit patio choices to Indian food or Fajitas but who can complain about that?