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Chuck Hughes made soup -- to fight hunger!

These cute mini cocottes are the perfect vessels for serving fall soup, and purchasing the gorgeous gift set supports the Community Food Centres of Canada.

Chuck Hughes

Chuck Hughes looks interested!

Le Creuset and Chef Chuck Hughes recently teamed up in support of the Community Food Centres of Canada (CFCC), and more specifically to endorse the gorgeous Le Creuset Mini Cocotte gift set that’s been created as a fundraising tool to support the outfitting of CFCC kitchens and the expansion of its culinary-minded programs.

Representatives from both the CFCC and Le Creuset spoke to raise awareness of this new endeavor while Chef Chuck schmoozed the crowd with a comforting fall cooking demo using an outdoor brick wood-burning oven and the mini cocottes, to create stone-baked rolls and a roasted pumpkin and pear soup. Having just prepared the same dish with kids from the CFCC program, Chuck gushed, “I loved working with the kids, I don’t know who had more fun, myself or them!”

The event was homey and heart-warming and a perfect representation of the philosophy of the CFCC. For more information and to find out how you can support the CFCC and buy these mini cocottes, visit their website at

These mini coquettes are adorbs!

These mini cocottes are adorable!








And here are some warming fall-inspired Chatelaine soup recipes to fill those cocottes!

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