Chatelaine Kitchen


Here’s a picture of a recent Brunch Club day. If you’re new to my blog, Brunch Club is a group of my friends who get together once a month to partake in one of our favourite things – brunch. Sounds lady-like but it’s often not: There’s far too much belly-laughing and girl talk (and the odd tear that is usually laughter-induced).


This get-together was at Lisa’s house. I love her entertaining tactic; she made most of the menu and bought the rest. She made quiche, spinach salad and lovely little apple scones that she served with clotted cream. They were a big hit, light and fluffy. And these were served with lovely store-bought pastries: little pork pies and sausage rolls.


The rest of the gang usually bring some little extras to go with. I brought olives and cheese (a great Fifth Town Dairy cheese called Lemon Fetish. I highly recommend it but I have to say their Lost Lake cheese is even better), Alicia contributed coffee and Bailey’s and Rasha – who from this point forward is now known as the Queen of Tarts — brought raspberry pie. It had a chocolate cookie crumb crust, creamy berry filling and was topped with tons of fresh raspberries. I am currently begging her for the recipe and hope to add it to this post sometime soon.


What are your favourite brunch recipes?