Chatelaine Kitchen

Be gone garlic odour

Garlic is one of those foods you either love or hate. I’m on the love side, so much so, that it’s rare that I cook a meal without it. But I do hate its lingering odour. Here’s how I conquer it: 1) Getting to the root of the bad breath problem: Prepare garlic by smashing it with the flat side of a wide knife, then remove and discard the root (see pic below – the roots are the pieces in the middle), which is the culprit behind bad breath. Then chop away. Also, buy fresh garlic. Choose heads that are firm with skins that tightly encase each clove. Fresh garlic has much small roots so there’s a less pungent flavour. 2) Getting rid of the odour on your hands: Rub your fingers on stainless steel the garlic molecules cling to it, leaving you with clean smelling hands. I usually use my sink or a stainless steel utensil but I just got this new toy (below): a stainless steel “bar of soap” called Rub Away. It does the trick too. Biggest garlic no no: Don’t pre-chop garlic and store in your refrigerator. It’s a breeding ground for bacteria. I’m on a roasted garlic kick these days. I’ve resorted to roasting it in the toaster oven because it’s so hot out right now. What’s your favourite way to prepare garlic, fresh, roasted or sautéed?