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5 condiments to have in your fridge this summer

Dress it up! Don't stop at burgers: these easy condiments will work wonders on all sorts of dishes. 

avocados and tomatoes, pickled carrots, kale pesto, chatelaine sauce, beet ketchup

BBQ Condiments. (Photo, Erik Putz.)

Liven up your summer condiment selection to include some creative homemade sauces, pickles and salsas. These new recipes are perfect on a juicy burger (we managed to use the pickled carrots, beet ketchup and the kale pesto on this month’s tempeh superfood burger), but they’re too versatile for its exclusive use. Here are 10 more ways to use ’em:

Tomato-avocado salsa
Keep it classic and serve with crisp tortilla chips, or spoon it over grilled steak.

Pickled carrots
Try them layered into an egg sandwich, or sprinkled over a green salad.

Kale-walnut pesto
Mix this nutty pesto into fresh spaghetti, or smear it over grilled chicken to add a little zest.

Chatelaine sauce
You can toss this secret sauce with cooked potatoes, or keep it simple and use it as dipping sauce for your fries.

Keep the ketchup in the fridge tonight, and try our favourite new condiment! Over burgers, grilled sausages or mac n’ cheese, this sauce may be the star of summer.


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