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10 of our favourite sandwiches

Our new acting food editor, Amy Rosen, tells us that her favourite late night, no-cook meal is a sandwich. From breakfast and lunch to dinner for one, we have 10 terrific sandwich recipes

When I started as acting food editor at Chatelaine a couple of weeks ago, just as Claire was leaving for her maternity leave, we were putting the finishing touches on the big May food feature (spoiler alert: sandwiches are involved). Looking at the gorgeous pages before me I thought, there really is a sandwich for everyone. They can be fancy – caviar, lobster, truffles – or as simple as one of my all-time favourites, grilled peanut butter and banana. They can be as American as a Philly cheesesteak or as Danish as an open-faced shrimp salad sandwich.

When I was in university I ate the same sandwich almost every day for four years: Turkey on a whole wheat pita with lettuce, tomato, pickle, mustard and a touch of mayo, and I never ever got sick of it. That’s the thing about classic sandwiches: They’re solid and dependable and good to eat any time of day – even for dessert.

When I’m hungry and it’s late and I don’t feel like cooking, sometimes I’ll make myself a sandwich. And while you may think it’s just one step up from a bowl of cold cereal, oftentimes once I’ve finished, I shout “delicious!” and wonder why I don’t make sandwiches every day.

Grilled cheese, tuna, fried egg, PB&J, clubhouse: Imagine how many of these you’ve already eaten in your lifetime? Dozens? Probably hundreds. (Maybe even thousands?) That said, we’re going to breathe new life into your sandwich repertoire with the May issue, that’s a promise.

In the meantime, get a head start with these 10 tasty sandwiches:

Vietnamese sandwich

French onion grilled cheese

Breakfast sandwich

Brownie ice-cream sandwiches:

Grilled-steak sandwich

French tuna tartine

French toast sandwich

Caprese pizza toast

Steak baguette with curried mayo

Grilled vegetable sandwich