Chatelaine Wireless Recipe Alerts


Chatelaine Wireless Recipe Alerts
Special Offer! Get recipes sent to your cell phone free for one month
Learn how to get recipes on the go

• What is the Chatelaine Wireless Recipe Alerts program?
Not sure what you’re going to serve for dinner tonight? No problem! Get great dinner ideas — and ingredient lists to go with them — sent straight to your cellphone. Once you’ve registered for the program, you’ll automatically receive three text-message alerts a week (click here to learn more about text messaging) suggesting quick and tasty dinner ideas.

• How do I register to receive these alerts?
To register for the Chatelaine Wireless Recipe Alerts, text the word FOOD to 123789 on your cellphone. You’ll receive the next alert that goes out.

• How does it work?
Once you’ve received your text-message alert suggesting that day’s dinner idea, simply text back MORE to receive the grocery list. You’ll then get a second message with a complete shopping list, making picking up the ingredients you’ll need easier than ever. Once you’re at home, simply visit this page ( and and enter in your recipe ID number (which you’ll receive with the alert) to get the complete recipe.

• When will I receive the alerts? And how many will I receive?
You can expect to receive three alerts every week. Messages will be sent out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons at 5 p.m. EST.

• What does it cost to participate in this program?
For the month of May 2006 it’s free. Normally, your cellphone carrier will charge you 25 cents for every message you receive from this program.

• Can I opt out of receiving these alerts at any time?
Yes! To discontinue using this service, simply text the word QUIT to 123789. You will be removed from the service immediately.

The basics of text messaging

• What is text messaging?
Text messaging (also known as SMS) is the ability to send and receive short messages to and from cellular phones. Messages are created by spelling out words using a phone’s keypad and are delivered directly to your phone, where they can be read on the screen.

• Is my phone text-messaging capable?
Almost all phones sold in Canada in the last five years have text-messaging capabilities. If you are looking for how to send a message from your phone, go to your phone’s messaging menu option and search for text messaging or SMS.

• Does it matter which carrier I use as my service provider?
No, this service will work for you regardless of which wireless carrier you have an account with.

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