BBQ chicken pizza: The best movie-night meal

One of the best things about this recipe: It offers a homemade taste without a whole lot of work

We’ve recently started a Friday night tradition: make-your-own pizza and movie night. So far, we’ve managed pita or English muffin pizzas with minimal toppings (mini sous chef only likes olives, which she considers a food group) and a Dora episode…but we have big hopes for a feature-length movie soon. And since discovering Chatelaine’s BBQ chicken pizza, our Friday nights just got a whole lot better.

Pizza seems to be one of those universally loved foods. But because we’re on a total take-out freeze, make-at-home is where it’s at for us. So one of the best things about this pizza recipe? It’s fast and easy, which offers the homemade taste without a whole lot of work.

The dough is store bought (freshly made and usually available in the bread/bakery area), which means all you have to do is sprinkle some flour and roll it out. And by using rotisserie chicken from the deli, all that’s left to do is make the sauce, assemble and bake. That is, of course, if you remember to buy the rotisserie chicken when you’re out grocery shopping…

While I may have forgotten to pick up a main ingredient, I did (luckily) have fresh chicken breasts in the fridge. Cooking the chicken added another 20 minutes to my dinner prep, but I refused to hit the grocery store twice in one night.

With ingredients like tomato sauce, hoisin sauce, brown sugar, smoked paprika, and beer (only ¼ cup), the pizza sauce was amazing – slightly sweet with a hint of heat (thanks to chili flakes, which you could leave out for extra-sensitive taste buds). The only thing that gave me pause was the “pureed onion” – I had no idea how to puree an onion. Do you cook it first? Well, the recipe didn’t say, so I threw the whole onion, raw, into my magic bullet and blended it until smooth.

Once the sauce simmered to get the flavours mingling, I added the shredded chicken and then spread the sauce out right to the edges of the rolled out dough. Grated cheese (we used a combo of sharp cheddar and mozzarella) and thinly sliced red onions on top completed the pizza, which then went in the oven to bake while “we” chose the evening’s Dora episode. The end result? A deliciously saucy and tangy pizza that required plenty of napkins to enjoy properly.

Now if only Chatelaine could help increase the mini sous chef’s attention span so movie night was (more) fun for the grown-ups, too…

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