11 fast-lane dinners

When life's fast pace leaves you scrambling for supper, try these quick and easy dinners to keep you fueled and in the game

What could be more convenient and stress-free than reaching for a jar or can to start your evening meal? These dinners begin with ingredients you probably have on hand, but they taste so great that no one will guess your speedy secret. A bottle of oriental sauce, a tin of tuna or a jar of zesty curry will slash your prep time and ingredient list, but not the palate-pleasing flavour. So, instead of pulling out the same old recipe or takeout menu at the end of the day, you’ll be dining first-class on dishes such as Imperial curried chicken, Smoky Santa Fe chops and Mediterranean tuna toss—all triple-tested in the Chatelaine Test Kitchen.

11 fast-lane dinners
·Sticky oriental chicken
·Smoky Santa Fe chops
·Hot ‘n’ fiery wings.
·Pad Thai chicken
·Jazzy jerk burgers
·Sirloin stir-fry
·Zesty roast thighs and peppers
·Mediterranean tuna toss
·Ten-minute Mexican pork chops
·Orange-chocolate shortbread