10 best hot dogs

At your next cookout, show off a little with a spread of fun and fancy ways to dress up everyone's favourite: the humble hot dog

1 Ballpark sauce
Combine regular mustard with green pickle relish, finely chopped white onion and chopped pickled hot peppers. Top with sauerkraut.

2 Mediterranean quartet
Mix sliced marinated artichokes with strips of roasted red peppers and chopped black olives. Crumble feta on top.

3 Peck of peppers
Lavishly cover hot dogs with Dijon mustard. Add bottled red-pepper relish, then rings of pickled hot peppers.

4 Fruit salsa
Mix finely chopped pear or apple into your favourite bottled salsa or chili sauce. Spread over hot dog, then scatter with grated nippy cheddar and sliced green onion.

5 Southern corn relish
Stir chopped pickled hot peppers, drained black beans and chopped fresh cilantro into bottled corn relish. Add a dash of Tabasco if you like.

6 Japanese zing
Blend wasabi into mayonnaise and spread over hot dogs. Top with pickled ginger and sliced green onions.

7 Enticing Indian
Combine chutney with prepared mustard and curry powder. Add finely chopped apple. Spoon on hot dogs and scatter with flaked coconut.

8 Chili ‘n’ chips
Spoon chili, spiked with hot sauce, on hot dogs. Then layer with chopped avocado, grated cheddar and pieces of tortilla chips.

9 French flip
Stir a dab of grainy Dijon into mayonnaise with finely chopped shallots, capers and tarragon.

10 Canadian, eh?
Mix equal amounts of mayonnaise and mustard together. Stir in a drizzle of maple syrup and grated old cheddar. Add crispy bacon.