Buttery root vegetables

Prep 15 min
Total 20 min
Serves 6

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large carrots, peeled
large turnips, peeled
2 tbsp
1 tbsp
1/4 tsp
1/2 tsp
fresh thyme leaves


  • BOIL a large pot of water. Slice carrots diagonally, 1/4 in. thick. Cut turnips in half. Then cut into 1/4-in. slices. Add carrots to boiling water. Cook 1 min, then add turnips. Cook until vegetables are just tender but still firm, about 3 more min. Drain, then return vegetables to same pot set over medium. Stir in butter,salt and maple syrup. Cook, stirring frequently, until glazed, 1 to 2 min. Sprinkle with fresh thyme. Serve immediately. 

Serve with Tourtière Tart.


Calories 73, Protein 1 g, Carbohydrates 9 g, Fat 4 g, Fibre 2 g, Sodium 183 mg. Excellent source of Vitamin A
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