The battle between Uber and taxis is about ... women?

The PSAs about female empowerment via transportation distract from what's really at stake — money.

While taking on women’s issues appears to be incredibly hip right now, the sudden concern over women’s safety and empowerment coming out of Toronto’s taxi-Uber battle is curious to say the least.

Cab companies in the city are warning of sexual assault at the hands of unregulated Uber drivers. Just this week York Regional Police arrested a 30-year-old UberX driver after a passenger alleged the driver veered off to a parking lot after midnight Tuesday and sexually assaulted her.

Uber, on the other hand, says their app-based service is actually safer for women. Their latest public relations effort? A new YouTube video released Thursday features women declaring their trust in the system not only as passengers, but as drivers too. “I feel safe when I drive Uber because the people I’m driving want me to be safe,” one woman driver says.

Not just safe — empowered, too. The video quotes women who say Uber has allowed them to be the mother they’ve always wanted to be and reach for the stars in the career path of their choice (one driver wants to be a full-time stunt woman).

Will either side win the war by playing the “concern for women” card? That remains to be seen. In the meantime, let’s be honest about where the real concerns lie: With losing money.

At the very least let’s hope this will all make for some better transit options for women. If not, bring on Chariot.

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