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Watch grown-ups play with this year's hottest Christmas toy

Hatchimals have been sold out for weeks. But the Today's Parent team have finally got their hands on the speckled egg.

If you have yet to see the must-have toy on your kid’s Christmas list in action, here’s your chance. Our friends at Today’s Parent put the Hatchimal to the test by carrying the speckled egg around the office trying to get the robotic bird-like creature squirming inside to hatch — which, turns out, takes a lot of stroking and tender loving care. After some serious team work — including a pregnant belly rub — the furry toy finally breaks free. (After it hatches, you have to “nurture” it through three phases: baby, toddler, kid. Sounds super fun.)

Since Toronto-based toy maker Spin Master launched Hatchimals in October, it has been selling out across North America, Europe and Japan. Which means you’ll need to check out the Today’s Parent 2016 gift guide for more toy inspiration.

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