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Remember those Anne Geddes babies? Here’s what some of them look like now

From toadstool to environmentalist — Anne Geddes' infant subjects are all grown up.

Anne Geddes is basically the Annie Leibovitz of baby photos — just substitute babies in bumblebee suits, or perched on top of toadstools in place of windswept celebrity portraits. 

This infantile whimsy is on full display in her new book, Anne Geddes: Small World (out now), which features a retrospective of her surreal baby shots that have left people saying “aw!” and “huh?” for more than 30 years.  In anticipation, the Australia-born, NYC-based photographer’s Instagram feed has been filled with shots of where her former subjects are now, several decades later. Take a peek at these hilarious before-and-after throwbacks, like these former nappers:

Or this potted teddy turned author:

Or lastly, this erstwhile “toadstool princess” turned environmentalist (Coincidence? We think not.):

BABY, LOOK AT YOU NOW! Way back in 1994 sweet little 2 week old Erin became a “Toadstool Fairy” for my first coffee table book “Down in the Garden”. And here’s Erin today – 22 years old and enjoying life in Wellington, New Zealand. With a strong passion for environmental issues, Erin took part in a Sir Peter Blake Leadership Course and at 17 was invited to be a youth delegate for New Zealand at the Rio+20 Sustainability Conference in Brazil. She went on to complete an Environmental Science and Biology Degree with The University of Auckland! Way to go Erin – I too am passionate about nature and environmental issues – in fact everyone should be! Nature has been my inspiration since the beginning of my 30 year career – have you noticed that Mother Nature never gets her colors wrong? Everybody seems to be loving my posts from this series and I’ve loved hearing from some of my “early babies” – if you were in one of my images and you’d like to take part – write to me at and tell me what you’re up to these days – don’t forget to attach a recent fav photo of yourself. By the way, Erin’s full image is in my new @taschen book “Small World” XOAnne #protectnurturelove #annegeddesbaby #smallworld #babylookatyounow

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