News flash! Justin Trudeau's Vogue shoot is kinda steamy

The American media continues its love affair with the PM.

justin trudeau vogue

Photo, Norman Jean Roy/VOGUE.

Vogue has just published a feature about Justin Trudeau, complete with moody portraits and designer duds. In a photograph of the couple staring into each other’s eyes (above), Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau sports an Oscar de la Renta dress. (We’ll see how Canadians feel about that following the brooch debacle.)

Titled “Justin Trudeau Is the New Young Face of Canadian Politics” and written by John Powers, the piece describes the prime minister as “strikingly young and wavy-haired” and “dashing in his blue suit and jaunty brown shoes—a stylistic riposte to the old world of boringly black-shoed politicians.” The feature will run in the January issue of the magazine (on newsstands Dec. 22).

Like the New York Times profile published earlier this week, the Vogue story covers territory familiar to Canadians, but there are some bits that make it well worth reading. For instance, Grégoire-Trudeau says what she first noticed about her husband was that “he had a really deep gaze.” And the writer is clearly taken with Trudeau, who he says “makes you feel that you’re the only person in the world and there’s nothing he’d rather do than talk to you. Such a gift is political gold.” Swoon on, America!

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