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J.K. Rowling is the Twitter queen. Here are her best troll-slaying comebacks

Don't mess with the bestselling Harry Potter author unless you're ready to get burned.


J.K. Rowling’s pithy tweets, with a pinch of dry English humour, have long made her one of our favourite Twitter follows. But she’s been especially glorious of late, opposing Brexit and Donald Trump, supporting marriage equality and acceptance — and pretty much verbally destroying anyone who talks back. Below, a compilation of Rowling’s best Twitter burns.

She’s often been told to stay out of politics or keep her opinions to herself – which just encouraged her to speak up even more.

She’s welcomed the many invitations to the underworld.

And set the record straight with an anonymous Twitter user about who, exactly, was hiding behind their keyboard.

And while a 2016 study suggested that Harry Potter fans tend to oppose Donald Trump, not all Potter fans have been happy to see Rowling’s anti-Trump tweets. Many threatened to burn their books – to which, of course, Rowling was ready with a comeback.

She even warned one former fan about the dangers of setting fire to the Harry Potter movies — but didn’t deter them.

Keep the burns coming, JKR — and long live the queen (of Twitter).

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