10 reasons to feel better about the world this week

A two-legged puppy can now get around thanks to a 3D printer — just one good news story that proves Earth is still an okay, not-garbage-y place to be.

Adele belting out a song from her new album is definitely good news.

Photo, Adele/YouTube.

I’ll just come right out and say it: Everything sucks right now. Dramatic? Maybe. But you’d be forgiven for having a dent in your faith in humanity after the week that was. Considering the mounting reports of hate crimes against Muslims, the devastating terrorist attacks in Paris, Beirut and Nigeria, and now, the rise of a new antibiotic-resistant supergerm, we understand if it’s hard to muster the strength to open a paper — or peruse Twitter — without feeling the slightest bit morose.

So we went on a humble joy-seeking mission — scouring the Internet for silly and heartwarming news. In no way will this rectify all the world’s evils, but reading a feel-good list heading into the weekend should count for something.

If you want some generosity…
Read about the Toronto couple who cancelled their wedding and put the money towards sponsoring a family of Syrian refugees. Or read about Vancouver real estate developer Ian Gillespie, who is fixing up and furnishing a 12-unit property to provide temporary housing for Syrian refugees.

If you need an animal meme to lift your spirits…
A two-legged rescue puppy named Tumbles was recently given the gift of mobility when the Ohio University Innovation Center donated a 3D printed wheelchair to replace his front paws.

Credit, Facebook.

Credit, Facebook.

If you forgot to make a hair appointment…
Don’t sweat it: Glitter roots are now a full-blown beauty trend. At worst, it’s a crafty, pretty way to cover errant greys. At best, it’ll look like a swarm of fairies had a dance-off on your scalp.

If you’ve been swept up in Trudeaumania, willingly or not…
During his stop at Manila’s APEC summit to talk economics, Canada’s new prime minister has been pitted against Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto in a battle for the title of Best Diplomatic Eye Candy. (And, obviously, there’s a hashtag: #APECHottie.) For his part, Trudeau has inspired some Beatles-calibre swooning, leaving Filipina journalist Marleen Alcaide to hilariously remark, “We can’t explain why we’re doing that. We’re running. And after, we just said to ourselves, ‘Oh my God. What did we just do?’”

If you feel like treating yourself…
Lucara Diamond Corp., a Canadian mining company, just unearthed what is considered to be the second-largest diamond ever found. Sharing is caring, amirite?

If, on top of everything else, you just got dumped…
Facebook is beta-testing a new feature that will gingerly ask users who change their relationship status whether they’d like to untag their ex from photos and hide that cheating bastard’s updates. How thoughtful!

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If your worries have shifted to gender inequality in the workplace…
Women are increasingly included on the boards of Canada’s biggest companies. We now occupy 19.5 per cent of all seats — a 2.4 per cent increase from last year, according to a new report from the Canadian Board Diversity Council. It’s not 50, but hey, progress is progress.

If you feel like having a good, old-fashioned heave-cry…
Adele, Queen of the Torch Songs, dropped her new album, 25, today. Everyone to their bathtubs!

If you think everyone is a heartless jerk…
They’re not. After Peterborough’s Masjid Al-Salaam mosque was set on fire in the wake of last week’s Paris attacks, the city’s Beth Israel Synagogue has offered up space for the mosque’s congregation to pray until the building is repaired. “We may be different religions but we’re all one people and in times like this we have to stick together,” said synagogue president Larry Gillman.

If you want to mass-text your feelings about this list…
Use Oxford’s “word” of the year: the tears of joy emoji.

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