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A fun way to serve Jell-O

A new and fun way to serve up Jell-O! It's not just for kids...we have an adult-friendly version, too.


Roberto Caruso

My good friend Brett used to work as a bartender and is a whiz at making really delicious drinks and cocktails. For his recent birthday celebration, he wanted to serve up something fun and different so we came up with the idea of making tequila Jell-O shots in citrus rinds. Bonus: this makes for an unique presentation and easy clean-up! 

Here’s a kid-friendly version you can make with your little ones: 


You’ll need 8 large lemons, an 85 g pkg lemon-flavoured Jell-O, water, a paring knife, a spoon and a baking dish lined with a tea towel 


Cut the lemons in half lengthwise. Carefully squeeze or ream the lemon juice out into a separate container and set aside (be careful not to rip the peel).   


Using a spoon, scoop out all of the insides and pulp of the lemon. It should leave a very clean surface inside the lemon.


Place each lemon half, peel side down, into baking dish. The tea towel will help hold the lemon halves in place. Pour prepared Jello mixture into each lemon half until they are completely full, about ¼ cup each. Carefully place baking dish into the refrigerator and chill until firm, about 4 hours. 


When Jello is firm, remove lemon halves to cutting board. Run a sharp, non-serrated knife under hot water and wipe dry. Slice each lemon half into 3 wedges. 

Try this with other combinations, such as orange-flavoured Jell-O in orange rinds, raspberry-flavoured Jell-O in orange rinds, or lime-flavoured Jell-O in lime rinds! 

*For an adult version, substitute ¼ cup of cold water in the Jell-O mixture for ¼ cup of vodka or tequila.